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Lookabout, and experience the world

Lookabout is the world's 360° photo-sharing community. Our mission is to help people experience the world, as well as share their experiences of the world, in the most immersive ways possible. Jack O'Grady, Quinn Ellis, and Peter Kaminski co-founded Lookabout in Jan. 2017. The company is currently being incubated at Science Inc. (Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay, Wishbone) in Santa Monica, CA. Since the public release of Lookabout in June of 2017, hundreds of people, with and without 360° cameras, have produced and shared over 1,000 pieces of immersive content. With a road map that includes panorama support, full Virtual Reality, and experiential Augmented Reality, the magic of Lookabout has only just begun.


Location: Santa Monica, CA

Incubator: Science Inc.

Platforms: iOS, Android coming late 2017


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Our Founders

Jack O'Grady, CEO & Head of Design

Jack, an avid skier that grew up in Wisconsin, stopped out of USC while pursuing a B.S. in Physics to work full time on Lookabout. With a background in graphic design, analytics, and virtual reality, he loves exploring and building exciting new ways to share & experience content.

Quinn Ellis, CTO

Quinn is a junior at USC studying Computer Science. He grew up in Minnesota and has been involved in Computer Science since middle school. He loves lacrosse and enjoys fitness, coffee, biking, and reading.

Peter Kaminski, Lead Developer

Peter, a software developer who grew up in Kentucky, is a rising junior at USC majoring in Computer Science. He's interested in developing educational software and advocating for Computer Science education.

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If you'd like to write a story about Lookabout, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can email for more information.

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